After an auto accident or work injury, our staff at Midway Pointe Chiropractic can help walk you through your next steps. Don’t let back pain follow you lifelong; let our experts help. We also provide physical exams for new jobs and sports teams right here in Elyria, OH.

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C92 Exam

When it comes to a work injury and workers’ comp cases, a C92 exam is required. The purpose of a C92 exam is to determine the total percentage of “impairment” in order to determine proper compensation. After you’ve been injured on the job and decide to take action, an exam will be scheduled with a certified physician. Don’t let a work injury leave you with lasting back pain—seek treatment from our expert team.

Work Physicals

When you get a new job, one of the first things you must typically do is schedule a work physical. Here at Midway Pointe Chiropractic, we will provide the physical exam you need to start work. Reach out now to schedule your appointment.

Sports Physicals

If your child wishes to participate in school or community sports teams and events, you’ll most likely need to schedule a sports physical. Come see us today to get the exam done quickly and get your child out on the field or court faster.